ISO Certified Quality AssuranceRDM of Minnesota has been an ISO 9001 registered company since Dec. 2007, dedicated to providing high quality value added fabrication services. This means that RDM is constantly working to improve process capability for increased customer satisfaction, which meets or exceeds customer requirements.

We achieve this goal through a number of resources:
  • Inspection equipment is annually calibrated by ISO 17025 certified metrology labs which are NIST traceable.
  • RDM gage inspection equipment includes a Gold Series portable Faro Arm CMM
    • Powered by Delcam  PowerINSPECT 2200
    • Full GD & T inspection and reporting software that is reverse engineering capable up to 10'
  • Hard Gauging includes, Gage blocks, go/no go thread gauging, pin sets, sine bars, etc.
  • Mechanical Gauging includes, a hardness tester, digital height stands, as well as digital bore gauging, calipers, micrometers, protractors, depth gages.
  • Surface plates (4), up to 72 x 120"
  • Quality System Features include:
    • Continuous Improvement related to Customer Satisfaction
    • First Article Inspection & In Process Inspection
    • PPAP and Part Submission Warrant
    • Receiving Inspection
    • Management Review
    • Continuously Improving Process Controls
  • ISO Certification #US07/2874