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Abrasive Blast Cleaning Services
RDM of Minnesota has over 240 H.P. in abrasive shot cleaning power. Our blasting services provide ideal surface preparation for automotive finish quality paint applications, coating adhesion of various processes, welding applications, and removal of excessive oxidation.

Surface Preparation
  • LS Media Blaster - 4 - 20 H.P. motors
  • Wheelabrator shot blaster (1991) - Monorail guided parts through 8 - 20 H.P. motors

Paint Finishing Applications
For an automotive finish quality, employ RDM’s continuous batch, two-component polyurethane, or epoxy-based, electro-static, air-spray paint applications and cure capability.

Graco Paint Gun Paint Applications
  • Graco  State-of-the-art electrostatic air-spray guns. Newly added Paint Kitchen provides for quality controlled mixing and dispensing of paint material and activator to within +/- 1%, which guaranties the highest quality of paint as applied.
  • Paint booths - (4) pressurized with cross-draft ventilation.
  • Experienced paint finishers, quality inspection of film thickness.
  • Grieve  Walk-in oven for quality finish independent of variable atmospheric conditions.
  • WINCONSIN Walk-in Oven for quality finishes independent of variable atmospheric conditions.
pressurized paint booth with cross-draft ventilation  

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